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The Real Estate World Has Changed

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In this training you will learn:

A brand new way of raising money for real estate
How the laws have changed
How to reach unlimited investors online

An easy way to raise more money from existing investors
That you can now advertise your deals to raise equity 
Websites where you can raise money
How to turn your website into an equity raising machine
How to access capital when liquidity dries up

A Brand New Way to Finance Real Estate Equity

Since the laws changed recently, you are no longer restricted to raising money from only people in your immediate network of contacts.

Now you can reach the entire population of high net worth, accredited investors without leaving your desk, making a phone call, or taking a single meeting.

Imagine what it would be like to be able to duplicate yourself and have the 'other you' do all the pitching for equity...

... Well this is it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Cut the bull: What's really changed?

When Congress changed the general solicitation laws it allowed you to raise capital ONLINE

This is an extremely important shift because it means you can automate your entire capital formation process, freeing you up to find deals and execute on them without having to spend half your life (or more) schmoozing prospects into investing with you.

If this is so great, why is no-one doing it yet? 

They are!

There are marketplaces that are set up exclusively for equity raising where developers raise money from investors - you've probably heard of some of them. These marketplaces have raised billions in equity in just a few years. And there are sponsors who raise tens of millions of dollars in hours, sometimes in minutes because they have automated the process.  That said, the changes to real estate capital formation are still in the early stages and, for you, this is still a blue ocean opportunity.

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