New Book Reveals

A Brand New Way to Finance Real Estate matter how many investors you currently have 

or how many deals you've done before.

But It's Not For Everyone

Please understand that not everyone who reads this book is going to raise money for their deals and here’s why. What I’m giving you has been used to successfully raise money across every type of real estate there is.

     For example, I’ve helped a major downtown office developer in Florida raise over $20 million in just six weeks, with 
the first $15 million coming in the first 15 minutes we went live.

     I helped a Los Angeles based 
value add apartment developer raise tens of millions for multiple individual investments plus bring money into a discretionary fund they had formed. 

     I’ve worked with real estate developers across the country who are just starting out with their first deal, multi-generational real estate families, banks, real estate private equity firms, and real estate crowdfunding platforms to 
create massive investor lists
 using what I’m going to share with you.

What You're About to Learn Really Works!

But before we get started, please note the following. 

     This isn’t one of those no-money-down get-rich-quick schemes that you so often see advertised for real estate that promise untold riches with no effort involved. 

     This is the real deal. 

     What you’re going to learn in this book is the exact same system I’ve personally used that has raised tens of millions of dollars for real estate projects.

From Adam Gower Ph.d. 

Hello Friend, 

If you'd like to raise as much money as you need for your real estate deals regardless of how many investors you currently have or how many deals you've done before, then my new book will be the most important book you will ever read. 

     And, by the way, everything in it is derived from real, field tested tactics and strategies so you can rest assured that... 


I am not suggesting that everyone (or anyone) reading this book is going to raise tens of millions of dollars… or that they will raise any money at all.

      I don’t know how much the people who read this book are going to raise – it’s likely that many or most of them will raise little or nothing (especially if they don’t work hard and follow the directions in the book).

     This book isn’t a quick fix and, besides, I don’t know anything about the deals being offered to investors. 

     No matter how many investors someone reading this book attracts to their deals by using the systems they learn in the book, the only things that count at the end of the day are the deals they find and their ability to successfully execute on their business plans. 

     With that said, let's get right into...

Here's What You're Getting

First of all, this is the fourth book I’ve published and is by far the most immediately actionable of all of them. I just jump straight in with detailed techniques and tactics that are actively raising money for real estate deals right now. 

     And I’ve made the book easy to read. 

     You’re getting a 
detailed guide to raising money for your real estate projects that is being used right now to raise tens of millions of dollars by developers and real estate crowdfunding sites across the country. 

But It's MORE Than Just About Raising Money

You can use this system to build your real estate business in many different ways. 

     For example, we used it to position a real estate crowdfunding platform founder as a thought leader in the commercial real estate industry, elevating their visibility and getting them recognized as the principal expert in their field. 

     Others have found that it works to not only draw in new investors, but also works a charm in attracting the attention of brokers and sellers, driving deal opportunities that they would never have found before. 

     And it also works to inspire existing investors to invest more. 

     Our clients find that their existing investors become investor ‘ambassadors’ by getting to know them even better. They invest more, become more loyal and introduce them to friends, customers, industry groups they’re members of, and even to their kids. 

     So, like I said, there’s really a lot more to this than raising money for just one deal. 

How to raise money for your deals even if you don’t have an investor list. Remarkably this approach builds a list for you, on autopilot, where new prospects come to you.

A proven way to build your investor list and fill it with prospects just dying to invest in your next deal. 

Why never actually meeting with investors will help you raise more money. Don’t waste your time arranging meetings that come to nothing; this process completely eliminates the ‘in-person’ approach. 

Where to find investors who want ‘in’ on your deals before you even pitch them. Imagine that. Investors who love what you do, understand how you do it, and want to invest before you even show them a deal! 

How to get investors coming to you so you don’t have to go out and find them. Wouldn’t that be nice! Investors knocking on your door asking for access. This is how that works. 

TODAY: Get in front of perfect prospects who have money to invest. High net worth investors will ‘self-select,’ actively introducing themselves to you and asking how they can invest with you. 

You need a detailed pitch deck to raise money for deals? Wrong! The old way of raising money is nowhere near as effective as this brand new approach that’s faster, easier to implement, and takes far less time to put to work. 

Almost like mind-reading, know who your very best prospects are before they even write a check. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before and positions you as a trusted authority in the industry. (Page 11).

You need to wine and dine prospects in person before they invest? NEVER! This time-saving technique builds close trusting relationships with accredited investors without ever having to meet or even talk to them. 

Why posting on social media works so well even though your mission is business. Learn how to find prospects no matter where they like to hang out online. (Page 14).

Why communicating with your ideal investors whenever they want, however they want, wherever they want will actually save you time, build relationships and predispose your prospects to investing with you - without you having to take a single call

How one company raised over a hundred million dollars in under twenty-four hours and how you can use their simple method too. (Page 13).

Say goodbye to having too few investors. 
Build your email list using this new way to get investors into your pipeline that hardly anyone's doing and that's better than anything you've ever seen.

5 Ways to supercharge your investor acquisition process. Once your systems are in place, add some hi-octane fuel to drive traffic to your deals. (Page 45). 

Where to find your competitors’ investors.  (Just don’t tell anyone I told you how!) 

When it’s OK to spend zero time posting on social media and yet use it all the time to find investors.

An amazing trick for raising money 24/7 by being in front of your ideal prospects all the time - without having to spend any time online. (Page 57).

What you should never do when raising money for your real estate projects. Eliminate the single biggest mistake most developers/sponsors make by using these exact methods.

Say goodbye to finding great deals and then scrambling to finance them. Better yet, never walk away from a deal again because you don’t have enough equity to finance it. 

Three ways to attract prospects’ so they recognize you as a foremost real estate authority. 

The one big mistake almost every sponsor makes. Why almost everyone in real estate makes this same mistake and how to easily avoid it.  (Page 49).

How saying just this ONE THING can dramatically increase the amount of money you raise. 

The truth about social media and why what everyone else is doing is plain wrong. Use it this way and you’ll have more capital from investors than you have deals to finance. 

The ONE most important thing to do first or nothing else will work. Get this right, and 10x all your other efforts; get it wrong and you’ll just spin your wheels all day long. 

The REAL way to get investors from social media. Forget what everyone says; I’ve spent hundreds of thousands on advertising on social media and I’ve cracked the code to getting investors for free. 

Why it doesn’t matter how old you are or how used you are to raise capital for real estate the ‘old way.’ Learn a brand new way in this book that's working gangbusters. 

You need to have dozens of deals already done to raise money? NO YOU DON’T. Even if you’re raising money for your first deal this book will show you how. 

The fastest way to get someone to want to invest with you – and, for goodness sake, DON’T pitch them first! 

How tech billionaires, politicians, and every advertising executive control people’s decisions without ever meeting them. Major revelation shows how you can raise money using the same techniques. 

Have you been meeting one investor after another, time and again, and never raising money from them.  ELIMINATE that dog-and-pony show FOREVER! 

If you’re tapped out on  your existing network of investors. If you want more investors but don’t have the time to both find deals AND find investors. 

And much, much, more!

Yup. That is a LOT of tactics and techniques your getting and a LOT of problems solved, but that’s not all because you’re also getting…  

That You Only Have to Build Once!

     Once you get it built, it just runs on auto-pilot.  You barely have to do anything.

     It's like developing a building and putting a long term credit tenant in there who pays their rent every month.

A digital asset.

     And at the end of the book, you'll learn how to continually make your investor acquisition system just keep on getting more and more powerful and effective with very little effort on your part. 

     You’ll be finding investors, and raising money for your deals with no pressure, there’ll be no need to run around asking for introductions from lawyers, wealth managers, accountants; no joining the right clubs or societies, no more tedious luncheons and dinners or tiresome charity events just to find investors. 

     And you’re getting the whole thing in this book.

A System for Raising Money That Just Keeps On Working For You

At end of this book, your getting a complete blueprint for how to raise money using the most powerful capital formation systems ever made available to the real estate industry. 

     And, you know what? Almost no-one in real estate is using these tactics and techniques yet because they are so new to the industry so you are getting a significant early mover competitive advantage.

     Two things will happen when you implement the systems you're getting in this book. 

     First, you’ll start to be contacted by prospective investors who will tell you they know you even though you’ve never met them or even heard their names before. 

Becomes An ASSET to Your Company

     Once you implement what you learn in the book, the system just sits there in background working for you day in day out, ticking along like a metronome sounding a steady beat attracting investors constantly, consistently, predictably.

     It’s like you are duplicating yourself, doubling the amount of time you have in the day so you can get on with the business of finding and executing on deals while your ‘double’ is out there relentlessly ticking along, finding investors for you. 

     It’s just the way it works. 

     And the most amazing thing is it's an asset:

This Truly is a Limited Time Offer 

So Claim Your Copy Now Before the Promotion Ends

Thanks so much, for taking the time out to read all the way though this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


PS. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably scanned all the way down to the bottom of this page to get to the punch line as quickly as possible. 

     Well here it is. 

     I’m offering you an 83 page book that outlines a formula for how to raise money from wealthy investors for your real estate projects even if it’s your first deal. 

     The book is $7.00. 

     I’m walking you through the Investor Acquisition System that I created that makes prospects want to invest with you before you even pitch a deal. 

     It really works remarkably well and eliminates the time you spend networking for investors and then jumping through hoops to persuade them to invest with you. 

     In fact, it completely eliminates the normal kind of activity you associate with pitching prospects to invest in your real estate deals. It’s an elegant solution to the age old problem of how to finance real estate and it works a charm. 

Plus, I’m also including a 72 minute free video training for you where you’ll see exactly how to implement what you learn in the book – in detail. 

     But this is a limited time offer because it’s just a marketing test I’m running. 

     And there’s no catch or shenanigans. Just a straight up, high value book that I hope will bring you some great results and will inspire you want to know more about what I do and maybe want to do more work with me in the future. 

     Plus, I’m guaranteeing it anyway. I want you to be totally satisfied with the book and the video training or I’ll give you the $7.00 back and you can even keep them both; no need to return anything.

Here's What to Do Next

Click the 'Send me the Book' link at the bottom of this page.

     The ‘cost’ of this book is just $7.00 and you’ll get it instantly to download. 

     It’s not ‘free’ because there are costs associated even with an eBook like this. Website hosting, Internet connections, and most costly is the advertising and promotion expense. 

     It’s hard to know exactly how much each book costs to deliver, but if it were a hard copy the cost of postage would be $7.00 and so that’s how I figured the price. 

     As soon as you place your order, you’ll be immediately redirected to a download AND you’ll also get a confirmation email with a link to the book. 

You’ll be able to access it anywhere, anytime on any device; you won’t have to wait for ‘2-day shipping’ and you’ll be saving a tree into the bargain. 

     Now, in case you’re wondering…


I know.  You’ve either found this book through an advertisement online or because I sent you an email and, heck, it’s only to be expected that there’s more to it than meets the eye. 

     I mean, how could anything as useful as contained in the book possibly cost so little. 

     Well it really does - it's as simple as that. 

     Fact is, this may be your first impression of me  and so I truly want to make it a good one by demonstrating real value not just by showing you by actually delivering value to you. 

     My hope is that you’ll love the book, get enormous value out of it (it does have some of my best secrets in it!) and that it will be the beginning of a solid business relationship between us that will last for years.

Time Is Of The Essence

Everything I recommend to you and everything you’re getting in the book is proven to work on my own website and systems and then rolled out to our private clients. 

     I test everything first and this book is no exception and as my total advertising cost is north of $25.00 for every book sold I’m not sure how long I’ll continue the promotion. 

     So why am I doing it at all? 

     Simply because I think you’ll be really impressed with what you’re getting today and that as a result you’ll want to do more business with me in the future. 

     And don’t worry – I’m not going to call you or bug you.  That’s just not my style. 

     In fact, I’m counting on you liking the book so much that you’ll want to call me! 

     Anyway, the point is, this is a limited time offer so jump on it now before it goes away. 

     Oh, and one more thing...

BONUS: You're Also Getting an Advanced 72 Minute Training, Free

During this training, I personally walk you through the exact system we build for our private clients so you can build your own investor list and start raising more money right away. 

You’ll see how to lay out your website to attract the most investors and I show you exactly the syndication formula we are currently using to raise money right now. 

     I’ll even show you exactly what to do and in what order so you can 10x your results.

     Plus, you’ll learn how to create a machine that has investors chasing you for opportunities. 

      And there is absolutely no charge for this.  It’s my gift to you for checking out the book. 

     And yes, before you even ask. 

     I am so confident you’ll love the book you’re also getting a 100% money-back guarantee.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I want you to be completely happy with the book and with the free training I’m including, so I’ll return your $7.00 for any reason or for no reason and you can even keep the book and the video training anyway. 

     Really.  You don’t even have to send anything back.  

     Just email me and I’ll return the $7.00 to you, no questions asked. 

This is probably be the only zero risk real estate investment you’ll ever make!

     Fair enough? 

     But do please keep in mind that time is of the essence, so don't wait.

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Here are just a few more of the benefits you're getting:

They will see you as a trusted source for their investment savings and they will be predisposed to investing with you ready to sign contracts and wire funds as soon as you pitch your next deal.

     This is really important to you because by teeing up your next deal in this way, you will also be building the foundation for a long term relationship that converts ‘prospects’ into being active investors with you who introduce you to their friends, family, and extended professional networks. 

     The second thing that you’ll realize is that the whole thing...

     Plus, you’ll immediately ‘get’ the exact system being used to revolutionize the way real estate is financed and will be able to apply it to your own projects right away.

And at only 85 pages you can read it in just a couple of hours. 

DISCLAIMER: Any sales figures stated above or in the book are either my own, my clients, or those of third parties. Please understand these results are not typical and under no circumstances am I suggesting you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of practicing commercial real estate for over 30 years and have considerable experience in real estate finance, investment and development, and nearly ten years in content marketing. The average person who buys any how-to information gets little to no results. I am using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your background, experience, work ethic, and the quality of the deals you are working on and the terms you offer investors. Nothing on this page in the book on my website or in any work of mine should be construed as being legal, tax, or investing advice. You must hire your own professional advisors before attempting to raise money online or in-person. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept any of these terms, please DO NOT GET THIS BOOK.

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Here's what they're saying...

The more I follow you and see what you are producing the more impressed I am. Your niche is perfect and fine tuned and exactly what I need.

Dr. Joseph W.

Alina T.

This book reads as a guide on how to raise capital by leveraging the tools available at our disposal. Bottom line: it is worth every penny spent to buy this book, and much more."

Shane M.

If you’re a real estate investor or developer looking to raise money go direct to Adam. Listen to his thought provoking podcast and buy his books. He is one of a few genuine and sincere experts on the topic.

John M.

Thank you for suggesting your book. I read it in one sitting lol - good stuff man!  I'm looking forward to engaging your team to help me build out a lead gen platform. I'm 100% sold on your concepts.

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Claim your copy now.  Zero risk; satisfaction guaranteed.

This book answers the question of how to raise capital and lays out the process in an easy to understand format. It includes actionable steps anyone can take to build credibility with their investors and raise capital from them. I highly recommend this book! 

Kris B.