A Brand New Way to Finance Real Estate

...no matter how many investors you currently have or how many deals you've done before. 


"If you’re a real estate investor or developer looking to raise money go direct to Adam. Listen to his thought provoking podcast and buy his books. He is one of a few genuine and sincere experts on the topic."

The exact same system I’ve personally used that has raised tens of millions of dollars for real estate projects*

An immediately actionable system for raising money for your real estate projects

FREE bonus training where I walk you through the lessons learned in the book

A blueprint you can use to finance the equity in your deals.

Step by step guide to attracting prospects and converting them into being active repeat investors

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Here are just some of what you're going to learn:

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*DISCLAIMER: Any sales figures stated above or in the book are either my own, my clients, or those of third parties. Please understand these results are not typical and under no circumstances am I suggesting you’ll duplicate them (or raise any amount for that matter). I have the benefit of practicing commercial real estate for over 30 years and have considerable experience in real estate finance, investment and development, and nearly ten years in content marketing. The average person who buys any how-to information gets little to no results. I am using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your background, experience, work ethic, and the quality of the deals you are working on and the terms you offer investors. Nothing on this page in the book on my website or in any work of mine should be construed as being legal, tax, or investing advice. You must hire your own professional advisors before attempting to raise money online or in-person. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept any of these terms, please DO NOT GET THIS BOOK.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I want you to be completely happy with the book and with the free training I’m including, so I’ll return your $7.00 for any reason or for no reason and you can even keep the book and the video training anyway. 

     Really.  You don’t even have to send anything back.  

     Just email me and I’ll return the $7.00 to you, no questions asked. 

This is probably be the only zero risk real estate investment you’ll ever make!

  • Why never actually meeting with investors will help you raise more money. 

  • Where to find investors who want 'in' on your deals before you even pitch them. 

  • 5 Ways to supercharge your investor acquisition process. 

  • A proven way to build your investor list and fill it with prospects just dying to invest in your next deal. 

  • Say goodbye to finding great deals and then scrambling to finance them. 

  • Why it doesn't matter how used you are to raise capital for real estate the 'old way.'

Learn How the Investor Acquisition System Works

Stage 2.

and Attract

Be in front of everyone, everywhere, all the time. Deliver high value, educational content to build goodwill and your ideal prospects will be magnetically drawn to you.

Stage 3.

Nurture Your

Build your email list and double down on educational content in emails and newsletters so your prospects come to know, like and trust you and want to invest before you even pitch a deal.

Stage 4.

Convert and Close

It's time to pitch a deal and ask for the investment. Start email marketing using landing pages (like this one!), webinars and paid advertising to convert your prospects into becoming active investors.

Stage 1.

Free Digital Real Estate

The highest value digital real estate you can own FOR FREE are your social media profiles and become recognized as a thought leader without spending all your time online. 

SYNDICATE - The book

Based on over 30 years and $1.5 billion track record in real estate investment and finance.

Clients raised over $131 million in equity using these exact tactics, techniques, and strategies.*

Includes FREE training with Adam Gower that walks through the exact methodology described in the book.

Combines sophisticated real estate knowledge and experience with best of class digital marketing practices.

Written by digital marketing experts who have little or no meaningful background in real estate investment and finance.

Are based on theory rather than proven systems actually deployed in the real world. 

Leave you to it without providing additional free support so you can immediately implement what you learn.

Are designed just to sell books and don't deliver tangible guidance and actionable steps you can use.



Shane M. Real Estate Investor

By Adam Gower Ph.D.

Other books

BUSTED! 7 Myths of Real Estate Syndication

The more I follow you and see what you are producing the more impressed I am. Your niche is perfect and fine tuned and exactly what I need.

Dr. Joseph W.

This book reads as a guide on how to raise capital by leveraging the tools available at our disposal. it is worth every penny spent to buy this book, and much more.

Alina T.

John M.

Thank you for suggesting your book. I read it in one sitting lol - good stuff man!  I'm looking forward to engaging your team to help me build out a lead gen platform. I'm 100% sold on your concepts.

This book answers the question of how to raise capital and lays out the process in an easy to understand format. It includes actionable steps anyone can take to build credibility with their investors and raise capital from them. I highly recommend this book!

Kris B.


You're Also Getting an Advanced 72 Minute Training, Free

During this training, I personally walk you through the exact system we build for our private clients so you can build your own investor list and start raising more money right away. 

You’ll see how to lay out your website to attract the most investors and I show you exactly the syndication formula we are currently using to raise money right now. 

     I’ll even show you exactly what to do and in what order so you can 10x your results.

     Plus, you’ll learn how to create a machine that has investors chasing you for opportunities. 

      And there is absolutely no charge for this.  It’s my gift to you for checking out the book. 

     And yes, before you even ask. 

     I am so confident you’ll love the book you’re also getting a 100% money-back guarantee.

Here's what you're getting

This is the fourth book I’ve published and is the most immediately actionable of all of them. I jump straight in with detailed techniques and tactics that are actively raising money for real estate deals right now. 

I’ve made the book easy to read. 

     You’re getting a detailed guide to raising money for your real estate projects that is being used right now to raise tens of millions of dollars by developers and real estate crowdfunding sites across the country.

     At only 85 pages you can read it in just a couple of hours

     Plus, you’ll immediately ‘get’ the exact system being used to revolutionize the way real estate is financed and will be able to apply it to your own projects right away. 

Your getting an 83 page book that outlines a formula for how to raise money from wealthy investors for your real estate projects even if it’s your first deal. 

     The book is $7.00. 

     I’m walking you through the Investor Acquisition System that I created that makes prospects want to invest with you before you even pitch a deal. 

     It really works remarkably well and eliminates the time you spend networking for investors and then jumping through hoops to persuade them to invest with you. 

     In fact, it completely eliminates the normal kind of activity you associate with pitching prospects to invest in your real estate deals. It’s an elegant solution to the age old problem of how to finance real estate and it works a charm. 



Plus, I’m also including a 72 minute free video training for you where you’ll see exactly how to implement what you learn in the book – in detail. 

     But this is a limited time offer because it’s just a marketing test I’m running. 

     I really hope you like this book. 

It's just a straight up, high value book that I hope will bring you some great results and will inspire you want to know more about what I do and maybe want to do more work with me in the future. 

    Plus, I’m guaranteeing it anyway.

I want you to be totally satisfied with the book and the video training or I’ll give you the $7.00 back and you can even keep them both; no need to return anything.